Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Theme park experts enrich Hollywood: The Producers Group LLC takes on Killer Karaoke

Killer Karaoke, starring Jackass personality Steve-O, is currently in production for TruTV (owned by Turner Broadcasting) and premieres in the US on November 23, 2012, with new shows every Friday.

When TruTV decided to develop a new reality game show about karaoke, they turned to The Producers Group LLC to help move the show from concept into a marketable project.

For people who think getting up on stage and singing karaoke is scary, the experience is about to get even more frightening thanks to the team at The Producers Group LLC (TPG). Premiering on 23 November 2012, the new game show Killer Karaoke is based on the popular British program Sing if You Can, where contestants brave gross or seemingly dangerous stunts all while singing their favorite karaoke tune. 

“Initially, the producers came to us to see if they could hoist a contestant on a crane at the Crane Dance show at Resorts World Sentosa,” explains TPG producer Edward Marks. “They then asked us for more ideas and we began assembling a team of creative talent with decades of production and theme park design experience, which is what TPG excels at.”

Tasked with developing an assortment of unique situations to put contestants through, the team created a package of 20 detailed challenges and nearly 50 additional concepts. Some of the more outrageous include a lazer maze connected to a shock collar that jolts the contestant every time they break a beam and a 5D theater “ride” where the contestant suffers through extreme special effects like scents, water sprays and wind all while singing. 

“The opportunity to creatively stretch our minds and take advantage of TPG’s relationships outside of the theme park industry was refreshing,” says team member John Rust. “The link between themed entertainment and Hollywood productions is well established.” 

The team drew heavily on their experience in theme park attraction production and from classic motifs of the attractions industry. “Our team’s experience came from developing concepts for live and location-based entertainment,” says Marks. “We just turned up the volume to create some one-of-a-kind experiences.”

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