Sunday, February 9, 2014

IMERSA to hold annual Summit in Denver, March 6-9: "The future of the immersive digital space"

In Colorado, there's a new kind of "Rocky Mountain high." It's not the pot or the football teams. It's the state's cutting edge digital domes, providing the next generation of immersive, cinematic experiences.

At IMERSA Summit 2014, March 6-9 in Denver, giant screen cinema, media production, planetariums, museums, themed attractions, science visualization, gaming and virtual reality come together.

Meeting primarily at the Gates Planetarium (Denver Museum of Nature & Science) and the SIE Film Center, the IMERSA Summit is dedicated to new opportunities in creativity, revenue generation, content distribution, and transmedia – particularly in regard to immersive dome cinema (aka “fulldome”).

Inside the new 8K resolution digital dome at Fiske Planetarium
On March 9, the IMERSA Summit moves to Boulder's Fiske Planetarium – which in October unveiled one of the few 8K resolution fulldome theaters in the world. Fiske will be the setting for a frank discussion among 8K fulldome system providers, early adopters and producers.

Keynote is Dr. Donna Cox, a pioneer in the use of science data for the creation of visuals in media, whose work includes Oscar®-nominated films. Also joining the discussion are the likes of SIGGRAPH president Jeff Jortner, former Disney creative executive Rick Rothschild, and Doug Roberts of Microsoft Research.

Dr Donna Cox, keynote
For producers and distributors of giant-screen movies, the fulldome network – the hundreds of digital dome theaters in science centers, planetariums, educational institutions around the world - promises significant market expansion if the technical challenges of cross-platforming can be met.
For media producers in broadcast, movies, video games or entertainment attractions, as well as artists and theatrical producers, the fulldome network offers creative possibilities and new directions....

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IMERSA is a professional trade association recognized as a non-profit 501 (c) (6) Corp. IMERSA's vision: To build an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences. IMERSA's mission: To advance and promote the art and science of large-scale digital immersive media, fulldome, and immersive group experiences in digital planetariums, mobile domes, themed entertainment and giant screen theaters.

What is fulldome?
Fulldome is digital video projected onto, and filling, a hemispherical dome screen. A fulldome system can range from a single fisheye projector for a small portable dome, to 20+ edge blended projectors for the largest domes (up to 80 feet in diameter. Fulldome systems can play back "pre-rendered" shows, and also stream real-time imagery and navigate digital databases. The first fulldome systems grew out of the digital planetarium industry and advances in computer graphics. Fulldome systems continue to improve with advances in digital cinema and there are now systems capable of showing movies at 8K resolution, 60 frames per second and in stereo 3D.