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TPG helps create 4 attractions for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and prepares to do business at IAAPA Beijing June 17-20


LOS ANGELES, Calif., USA - The Producers Group LLC (TPG) is a Gold Level Sponsor of the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo (AAE), 17-20 June at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. TPG's exhibit booth is #339 and co-CEO Edward Marks, and Senior Technical Director Judd Nissen will be present. 来自加州洛杉矶的TPG集团是61720日在北京中国国家会展中心举办的IAAPA亚洲博览会的金级赞助商。TPG的展位号是#339,集团联合首席执行官Edward Marks和技术总监Judd Nissen将出席本次博览会。

A profile of The Producers Group with details of their recent work on four attractions for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the cover feature of InPark Magazine's 2014 International Issue. Copies will be available at AAE at the IAAPA Central booth and the TPG booth. It can also be accessed online at http://www.inparkmagazine.com/category/52/. TPG集团为长隆海洋王国做的四个项目将会在博览会特刊InPark的封页上做出详细介绍。IAAPA中心服务展位和TPG展位均有该特刊提供。此外,还可以通过网络登录[ ]阅读此文。

“Asia is a primary market for The Producers Group, and IAAPA is one of our best resources for business networking and connecting with clients and new projects,” says Edward Marks, TPG co-CEO. “We're very pleased to repeat our role as a Gold Sponsor of IAAPA's Asian Attractions Expo this year. We're looking forward to the conversation in Beijing.”亚洲是我们集团的主要业务市场,IAAPA是我们打开市场接触新客户新项目的最佳平台,”TPG集团的联合CEO如此说道。“我们十分高兴能继续成为本届IAAPA亚太博览会的金级赞助商。我们期待在北京的对话。”

TPG co-CEOs Edward Marks & Bob Chambers
In addition to being a Gold Level Sponsor of the overall Expo, TPG is also providing Gold Level Sponsor support to the June 19 Leadership Breakfast featuring Bill Ernest, President and Managing Director, Disney Asia. 除了做为整个博览会的金级赞助商,TPG集团还是619日精英领导早餐会的金级赞助商,届时迪士尼亚洲常务董事,总裁Bill Ernest将做主题演讲。

Says TPG co-CEO Bob Chambers: “TPG's work at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the latest in our Asian project portfolio. We provided technical design, project management and special effects for three marine mammal shows: Tropical Heat, Sea Lions vs Pirates, and Under the Polar Moon – and the multimedia lagoon spectacular. This work exemplifies how we collaborate with designers and developers to help them succeed.” “TPG集团在长隆海洋公园的项目是我们最新的亚洲项目。我们提供了技术设计,项目管理和特效制作,长隆的三个海洋动物秀项目分别是:热带热浪,海狮与海盗,极地月球下,此外还有人工湖上的多媒体震撼表演。长隆的项目充分证明了通过我们与设计师、开发商的紧密合作实现共赢的成果。”

Judd Nissen, TPG
Since 1997, the Asian Attractions Expo has rapidly grown into the premier international event for the multibillion-dollar attractions industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Some 5,000 attractions industry professionals from 60 countries will participate in the 2014 event, representing theme parks, water parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, family entertainment centers, and resorts. The 8,500 square meter showroom floor is completely booked. 1997年以来,亚洲博览会迅速成长为第一国际盛会,带动亚太地区几十亿美元的娱乐产业。来自60多个国家近5000名产业专业人士将参加本届2014年度亚洲博览会,他们代表了主题公园,动物园,水族馆,博物馆,娱乐中心,度假区等,近8500平米的展位面积被预定一空。

To set up a meeting with Edward Marks or Judd Nissen during AAE, interested parties please message judd.nissen@producers-group.com or telephone +1 310.990.6636.
博览会期间如需与Edward MarksJudd Nissen预约会谈,请发信息至judd.nissen@producers-group.com或致电+1 3109906636

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The Producers Group (TPG) is a Gold Level Sponsor of AAE Beijing, 17-20 June 2014
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