Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Tales from the Expo" - new online book about world's fair pavilions by James Ogul

James Ogul, author of
"Tales from the Expo,"
a free online book from InPark
“World’s fair pavilions are unique projects in how they are created, operated, funded and administered,” says James Ogul, author of 'Tales from the Expo,' the new, free online book from InPark Magazine. “There are similarities to museum exhibit development, corporate visitor centers and even theme park attractions - but also significant differences. The international expo community and the public alike will benefit from a fuller appreciation of how these projects come together, and why they are important.”

“Tales from the Expo” focuses primarily on US participation in world’s fairs from 1982-2015, with transferable lessons for all Expo participants. Ogul, a key figure in organizing US participation at world expos for more than 30 years - as a US government employee through 2011 and then as a consultant - provides case studies and discusses the public-private partnerships the US relies on to create and manage its world’s fair pavilions.